3 Tips For Eliminating An Infestation Of Ants


Have you recently discovered ants crawling all over your kitchen? Are you at a loss as to what to do to get rid of them? Ants may not cause the visceral disgust that roaches or spiders cause, but they are still not house guests that you want to keep around. Unfortunately, due to their sheer numbers, it's not always easy to eliminate them in a timely fashion. But it's not impossible to eradicate them, so long as you follow a few simple tips, such as:

29 December 2018

Make Some Changes On Your Property To Avoid A Termite Infestation


Even if your home is inspected each year for termites, some of your land improvement and gardening techniques may attract these cellulose-loving pests. Wooden additions, border materials, stacked wood, and tree stumps will make favorable nesting spots, which could lead to damage outdoors and the possibility that termites will begin making their way closer to your residence.  Treat Wooden Structures And Avoid Cardboard Storage A wooden shed that is constructed of any variety of untreated wood requires a sealant that will protect the wood from rotting, which could lead to splintering wood and small furrows in the boards that termites may enter.

22 August 2018

Helpful Advice For Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Home


While you might not be able to ensure that you will never ever see a single spider in your home ever again, you can certainly learn some things that you can use to help with spider control. This way, your home will not be overtaken by spiders. Here are some helpful tips that you can start to make use of: Kill Off Their Food Source Many people make the mistake of assuming that they can kill off spiders with the use of pesticides.

6 June 2018