No Stowaways, Please! 3 Tips To Protect Yourself From Bed Bugs While Staying At A Hotel


Being attacked by bed bugs while you're asleep is scary, but what really makes bed bugs horrifying is just how difficult they are to remove once they've infested a property. If you travel frequently, you've likely heard horror stories of people bringing bed bugs home with them. Don't let this happen to you. Follow the three tips below to ensure you make it home without any unwanted stowaways. 1. Check Recent Hotel Reviews for Bed Bug Complaints

7 November 2016

Understanding Bed Bugs: In A Home Infestation, They Don't Stay In Bed All Day


Bedbugs are not as common as they once were back before pesticides were frequently used, but that doesn't mean they have been eradicated. While bedbugs tend to flourish in homes that are overcrowded and unsanitary, they can also be found in homes that are perfectly clean. What is important to understand is that bed bugs aren't just found in beds. They can be found in upholstered furniture, on carpets, in small cracks in furniture, or even on curtains.

20 October 2016

Tips For A Better And Healthier Lawn


Are you a homeowner whose lawn is less than ideal? Are you tired of a lawn that is only green for a few months out of the year? Having a lawn that is the envy of your neighborhood doesn't have to be impossible. There are many relatively small things that you can do that will greatly improve its appearance over time. The sooner you get started with your lawn, the sooner your neighbors will be asking you about your secrets to having great grass:

29 July 2016

3 Important Things To Know About A Termite Infestation


Did you spot a termite in your house but don't know if there is an infestation or not? Even after spotting a single termite, it is a good idea to get your house inspected. You don't want to risk damage to wood by assuming that there are no other termites in the house. This article will give you more insight about termites and getting them exterminated by a professional. 1. Signs of a Termite Infestation

6 July 2016

How To Get A Mouse Out Of Your House


It does not take long to realize that you have a mouse in the house. If you do not physically see him, you will quickly see the evidence that he is there. This may take the form of mouse droppings in the areas that he is frequenting or holes he has created in his quest for food. No matter how you figure it out, once you know that he is there, you have to find a way to get him out.

5 June 2016

Five Signs Of Termite Infestation To Watch Out For


Even if you're careful and take precautions to prevent termites (such as keeping wood piles clear of your house and making sure the wood portions of the walls are a foot or so away from any surrounding soil), it's still possible for termites to invade your home. It's less likely, but you may still want to keep an eye out for them so an infestation doesn't take you by surprise. The earlier you catch and exterminate a termite colony, the less damage your house will incur.

29 April 2016

Is A Mouse In The House? Signs Of A Mice Infestation


The last thing a person wants to see is a small mouse scurrying around his or her home. However, what happens when the mice in your house are very good at hiding? How do you know you have a mice infestation if you've never seen them? As a homeowner, it is in your best interest to know how to recognize signs of a mice infestation. 1. Mouse Droppings The most obvious sign is finding mouse droppings.

29 February 2016

How To Keep Squirrels From Eating Through Your Window Screens


Squirrels running around in your back yard can be cute. However, squirrels that try to eat and/or chew through your window screens and window sill are not quite as cute. If your local squirrels have moved from playing in your yard to playing on your window sill, here are a few things you can do to address the problem.  Understand The Squirrel's Motivation There are a few different reasons why your local squirrels may have started to gnaw on your window sill or break through your window screen.

22 February 2016