Is A Mouse In The House? Signs Of A Mice Infestation


The last thing a person wants to see is a small mouse scurrying around his or her home. However, what happens when the mice in your house are very good at hiding? How do you know you have a mice infestation if you've never seen them? As a homeowner, it is in your best interest to know how to recognize signs of a mice infestation. 1. Mouse Droppings The most obvious sign is finding mouse droppings.

29 February 2016

How To Keep Squirrels From Eating Through Your Window Screens


Squirrels running around in your back yard can be cute. However, squirrels that try to eat and/or chew through your window screens and window sill are not quite as cute. If your local squirrels have moved from playing in your yard to playing on your window sill, here are a few things you can do to address the problem.  Understand The Squirrel's Motivation There are a few different reasons why your local squirrels may have started to gnaw on your window sill or break through your window screen.

22 February 2016

5 Ways To Prevent Termites


Termites are destructive little creatures and can really make a mess out of your home. Hiring a pest control company to remove these termites can get pretty pricey, so it is just best to avoid them in the first place. Here are five effective ways to prevent termites in your house: 1. Keep Mulch Away from Your Home Mulch may be beneficial for your yard, but it is considered a food source for termites.

30 December 2015

Keeping Your Garden Pest-Free


A garden can be a great way for you to spend time in your yard. It can offer you a way to relax, a way to enjoy nature and a way to grow your own food. However, a garden also requires a good amount of diligence when it comes to making sure you stay on top of fighting off pests who can quickly destroy all your hard work. Deer, rabbits, squirrels and raccoons are a few examples of some of the types of pests you can find yourself dealing with when you have a garden.

16 December 2015

When Bed Bugs Move Into Your Home


These insect pests continue to be a problem in both commercial properties and residential homes. Here is why they are so difficult to get rid of and why it's a team effort that includes you and the pest control company. Spotting Bed Bugs in Your Home These tiny insects feed on your blood at night. If you wake up with a rash or small welts on your body, you may have bed bugs.

30 November 2015

Three Steps To Take If You've Stayed At A Motel With Signs Of Bed Bugs


Staying in a motel or hostel and hearing rumors of bed bugs can make your skin crawl. Even if you haven't seen signs that you've been bitten by one of these pests, there's still a chance that multiple bugs have found a home in your clothing. The last thing you want to do is transport them into your own home at the end of your trip and wind up with a major infestation on your hands.

29 November 2015

How To Tell If You Are Living With Termites


The problem with termites is they are sneaky and able to infest your home without you having any idea they are there. Termites can cause a great deal of damage to the structural integrity of your home. For this reason, learning more about the signs termites are present is extremely important. Piles Of Wings Near Your Home If you have found piles of discarded insect wings on your property, you may have wondered where they came from.

24 November 2015