Understanding Garden Pest Control

I still remember when I planted my first garden. I was so excited to get started that I completely overlooked the massive pest problem brewing in my yard. Unfortunately, as soon as I planted my crops, I was confronted with the harsh realities of pests munching through all of my veggies. It was devastating, but I knew that I needed to make things right. I decided to contact a professional exterminator to see if he could help. He came out, checked out the pests that were plaguing the area, and treated the earth with the right pesticides. I made this website to help you to understand garden pest control, so that you can reap your harvest.

3 Tips For Eliminating An Infestation Of Ants


Have you recently discovered ants crawling all over your kitchen? Are you at a loss as to what to do to get rid of them? Ants may not cause the visceral disgust that roaches or spiders cause, but they are still not house guests that you want to keep around. Unfortunately, due to their sheer numbers, it's not always easy to eliminate them in a timely fashion. But it's not impossible to eradicate them, so long as you follow a few simple tips, such as:

Hire a professional: Different ants have different habitats and needs. Are you looking at carpenter ants? If so, you may need to be more aggressive with your extermination campaign than if you just had black crazy ants. The average person isn't going to be able to tell different types of ants apart by just looking at them but a pest control professional can do exactly that. He or she can look at your ant problem and tell you whether they are likely living in your walls or are coming in from outside, if they tend to prefer sweets or oils, and various other information that is important to get rid of the ants in question. They'll also have a variety of baits and sprays to use to kill off he nest.

Repackage food: Ants can chew through plastic bags. Ants can chew through aluminum. Ants can chew through cardboard. If it's something you can tear, ants can probably get into the package. This may not be a problem for something like dry beans which don't hold much interest for scout ants but can absolutely be an issue with something like cereal if an ant happens to catch a whiff of something sweet or even just chews through the bag randomly. You may stick a box on the top of your fridge, intending to open it in a few days, only to find yourself with a bowl of sugar-less un-frosted ant-covered flakes instead. As part of your pest control regimen, you should putt any food that might be of interest to ants into a new air-tight ant-proof container as soon as you bring it home from the grocery store.

Rotate methods: A pest control professional will usually do this automatically, but you may not realize that it's necessary. When you use sprays and baits to kill a colony, their multitudes mean that some percentage of the colony will likely survive and will help the colony rebuild. This is especially true in black crazy ant colonies where a single colony may have many egg-laying queens at one time. In order to have the best chance of killing off the entire colony, you'll need to switch up the baits used in order to have the best chance of forcing the colony's numbers to drop below what's necessary to replenish itself.

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29 December 2018