Understanding Garden Pest Control

I still remember when I planted my first garden. I was so excited to get started that I completely overlooked the massive pest problem brewing in my yard. Unfortunately, as soon as I planted my crops, I was confronted with the harsh realities of pests munching through all of my veggies. It was devastating, but I knew that I needed to make things right. I decided to contact a professional exterminator to see if he could help. He came out, checked out the pests that were plaguing the area, and treated the earth with the right pesticides. I made this website to help you to understand garden pest control, so that you can reap your harvest.

Make Some Changes On Your Property To Avoid A Termite Infestation


Even if your home is inspected each year for termites, some of your land improvement and gardening techniques may attract these cellulose-loving pests. Wooden additions, border materials, stacked wood, and tree stumps will make favorable nesting spots, which could lead to damage outdoors and the possibility that termites will begin making their way closer to your residence. 

Treat Wooden Structures And Avoid Cardboard Storage

A wooden shed that is constructed of any variety of untreated wood requires a sealant that will protect the wood from rotting, which could lead to splintering wood and small furrows in the boards that termites may enter. Clean the wooden structure's exterior and use a paintbrush to coat the shed's outer surface with a clear wood preservative.

Keep the inside of the shed tidy and avoid storing lawn or hand tools inside of cardboard cartons. Instead, hang tools from hooks or place materials inside of plastic or vinyl containers. 

Take Notice Of Border Materials And Stacked Wood

If you use mulch that consists of wooden fragments, either purchased from a store or prepared at home with the aid of a wood chipper, these materials will retain moisture in the early morning hours and during rainy conditions, which could lead to termites seeking refuge under the wood pieces.

You can still use a decorative material that resembles wooden mulch chips, but just make sure that it is constructed of gravel, plastic, silicone, or rubber. If you stack firewood alongside your home or shed, move the pile to a covered carport or patio so that the wooden logs remain dry. Also, elevate the stack of wood by placing it on top of plastic risers or a plastic storage pallet.

Have Tree Stumps Removed

Removing diseased or damaged trees can become a necessity and will improve the overall look of your yard. But, if you have had trees removed but failed to have the stumps removed during the process, the stumps can harbor termites and a bevy of other pests, especially if the stumps begin to rot.

A tree professional will use power tools to cut stumps into small chunks of wood. Request that all of the remnants of each stump are removed and hauled away so they don't attract pests to your yard.

For more information about protecting your home from termites, or if you suspect you already have an infestation, contact a local pest control company like EMCO Pest Control


22 August 2018