Understanding Garden Pest Control

I still remember when I planted my first garden. I was so excited to get started that I completely overlooked the massive pest problem brewing in my yard. Unfortunately, as soon as I planted my crops, I was confronted with the harsh realities of pests munching through all of my veggies. It was devastating, but I knew that I needed to make things right. I decided to contact a professional exterminator to see if he could help. He came out, checked out the pests that were plaguing the area, and treated the earth with the right pesticides. I made this website to help you to understand garden pest control, so that you can reap your harvest.

Common Myths About Termites Debunked


As small as some insects are, they can cause some serious damage to a home. Termites are one of these insects that eat wood, including the wood used for supporting your house, which causes structural damage in the process. Homeowners sometimes have misconceptions about termites, which causes them to ignore the problem and let the damage get worse. Here is the truth behind two of those myths.

Myth 1: Termites Only Are a Problem In The Summer and Spring

While insects typically come out during the warm weather months, a common mistake is thinking that termites are dormant throughout the winter. This isn't true. While you might not notice termites during the winter, it could be from them creating tunnels in wood because it is warm in there.

Make sure that termites have been exterminated before the cold winter months. Once the termites are inside those wood tunnels, they will be hard to exterminate, even by a professional exterminator. Having to go deep into the wood can cause the cost of extermination to be even higher as the treatment process becomes more difficult.

Myth 2: Termites Can Only Survive In Wood

While termites do thrive in wood, a misconception is about termites only living inside wood. If a home doesn't have a wood deck, trees, or plants around it, it can make people believe that the home is safe from termites. While termites do prefer wood, they can also live underground. They often reach a house by burrowing through the ground, without there being a trail of wood to lead them to it.

Thankfully, you can treat all the soil that surrounds your house with chemicals that will be toxic to any termites that come in contact with it. There are devices that gradually release chemicals into the soil so that they are not washed away by the rain.

Termites are a common nuisance to homes, and as a homeowner, you must take the proper steps by being informed about them and taking preventative action before damage gets out of control. If you are misinformed about termites and believe the previously mentioned myths, it is easy to ignore a problem until it is too late.

If you have concerns about termites, always know that you can call a pest extermination company, such as Ants Plus. They know what to look for to determine if termites are in your home and can take the necessary steps to get rid of them for good.


6 February 2017