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I still remember when I planted my first garden. I was so excited to get started that I completely overlooked the massive pest problem brewing in my yard. Unfortunately, as soon as I planted my crops, I was confronted with the harsh realities of pests munching through all of my veggies. It was devastating, but I knew that I needed to make things right. I decided to contact a professional exterminator to see if he could help. He came out, checked out the pests that were plaguing the area, and treated the earth with the right pesticides. I made this website to help you to understand garden pest control, so that you can reap your harvest.

3 Important Things To Know About A Termite Infestation


Did you spot a termite in your house but don't know if there is an infestation or not? Even after spotting a single termite, it is a good idea to get your house inspected. You don't want to risk damage to wood by assuming that there are no other termites in the house. This article will give you more insight about termites and getting them exterminated by a professional.

1. Signs of a Termite Infestation

One of the ways to detect a termite infestation is to tap areas of the walls that have solid wood and listen for a hollow sound. Termites typically hollow out the middle of wood before destroying the surface, which means that there can be excessive wood damage without you even noticing. Another sign of a termite infestation is the presence of mud tubes along exterior walls and the foundation of your house. The mud tubes will usually contain white termites inside, but sometimes they are empty. You can use a knife to cut through a mud tube and observe the contents if you spot any around your home.

2. How Termites Can Be Exterminated

One of the methods used for exterminating termites is fumigation. Basically, you will be asked to leave your house so the exterminator can fill your house with a poisonous gas that can instantly kill termites. Sometimes smoke is used to kill termites via the fumigation method. Depending on the severity of the infestation, it is possible that the exterminator will want to place bait traps around your home to continuously kill termites after fumigation is done. A chemical can be sprayed on the exterior of your house to kill termites before they are able to cause interior damage.

3. What Hiring an Exterminator Might Cost

You should expect to pay a minimum of $1,350 and up for a house to be chemically treated for termites, and the quote is based on a house that is 1,250 square feet. Fumigation for a house of the same square footage will cost an estimate of $1,200 or more, and it includes any balconies or decks that are attached to your house. If bait traps are used in a 1,250 square foot house, the estimated price will be $1,500 plus. The number of extermination methods used will depend on the severity of the infestation.

For more information, contact Tri-County Termite & Pest Control, Inc. or a similar company.


6 July 2016