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Natural Ways To Eliminate Carpenter Ants Near The Entranceway To Your Business


If you have spotted carpenter ants near the entranceway to your business, you should work to exterminate them as soon as possible; they can cause damage to the building's structure by chewing the materials that it is made out of. Learn how to eliminate these destructive pests with the following natural methods.

Boric Acid Powder And Sugar

Boric acid powder is derived from boron and has been determined to be an effective way to eliminate a variety of pests. The powder is odorless and lasts for a long period of time, providing a suitable way to destroy an entire ant colony without having to treat the same area more than once. When ants walk through the powder, their exoskeletons will begin to break down. If ants ingest the powder, their digestive systems will malfunction after several days.

Apply a thin line of boric acid powder wherever you have spotted carpenter ants. Sprinkle a small amount of sugar near the powder. The sugar will attract the ants, making them more likely to become exposed to the powder. Once the ant problem has been resolved, sweep up any powder or sugar that remains. 

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth comes from the fossilized remains of aquatics organisms called diatoms. It is often used as a pesticide. It comes in a powder form that contains sharp edges. When ants or other insects walk through the powder, their exoskeletons are damaged, resulting in death soon afterwards. The powder, however, is not harmful to people or animals.

Diatomaceous earth can be purchased from a landscaping business. Sprinkle it where ants have been seen. Soon, the population will begin dwindling. After several days, all of the ants will have been eliminated. Another way to use this product is to moisten it with water before placing it in areas where ants live. When ants ingest the wet powder, their internal organs will become damaged, resulting in death.

Orange Oil

Orange oil contains d-limonene, a liquid hydrocarbon which is responsible for producing a citrus smell. When ants are exposed to this ingredient, they are killed on contact. Orange oil can wipe out an entire colony of ants while leaving the area where they were once living freshly-scented and clean. Spray a liberal amount of oil wherever you have noticed the ants. Use a sponge to wipe the spray into each surface where it has been applied. Reapply the oil as often as it is needed. 

Once the carpenter ants have been eliminated, inspect the building that you operate your business out of. If any holes are in the walls or the material that makes up the front entrance way, have them repaired to prevent new ants from burrowing through the materials the future. Use these pest control methods again if you ever notice more carpenter ants or another pest on your property. Click here to find out more.


19 November 2015